Board of Governors

Executive Committee

Kevin Fullerton

John Rietzen
Vice President/ Greens/ House Committees

Charles Alessi
Treasurer/ Finance/ Operations/ Capital Projects Committees

Parimal Upadhyay

Board of Governors and Committees

House Committee
Peggy Kilmer - Chairperson
Ted Creighton - Asst. Chairperson

Golf Committee
Rob Sitzler - Chairperson
Tim Irons - Asst. Chairperson

Greens Committee

Matt Kowalski - Asst. Chairperson (course)
Mark Witczak - Asst. Chairperson (facilities)

Membership Committee
Parimal Upadhyay - Chairperson
Jacob Wig - Asst. Chairperson 

Ladies Officers

Maggy Stotler

Veronica LaRosa

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